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Technical room air conditioning with or without outdoor unit

LTB offers several ranges of air conditioning and cooling systems for industrial applications, with power ratings ranging from 9 to 80 kW.

Backed by its experience in marine applications, LTB offers catalog products as well as solutions to non-standard problems.

We can manufacture machines that are completely configurable to your needs.

A large number of adaptations are possible: power supply, refrigerant, plenum, remote control, electric heating…

And if you haven’t found the right product for your needs, our design department can work with you to develop a tailor-made solution.

Water condensation

Water-cooled monoblock cabinets CMVE

9 to 80 kW - Three-phase

Horizontal ducted monoblocs - Cooling only

1.8 to 17.5 kW - Three-phase

FW Froid Seul

2 to 17.6 kW - Three-phase

Air condensation

Remote capacitor cabinets CMVE AC

18 to 40 kW - Three-phase

FA Froid Seul

2.5 to 15 kW - Three-phase