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Low temperature

Air conditioning from +8°C to +21°C

Comfort air conditioners enable you to reach and maintain a pleasant temperature in a room by selecting the desired setpoint temperature. This setpoint can go down to +16°C, but no lower.

Some premises require air conditioning at lower temperatures.

LTB offers low-temperature air-conditioning systems, with set points as low as +8°C. They come in the form of splits whose groups are available in 3 ranges:
  • Helicoidal groups (with outdoor unit)
  • centrifugal units (without outdoor unit)
  • water-cooled condensing units (without outdoor unit)

Centrifugal and water-cooled low-temperature units meet low-temperature requirements in city centers and shopping malls.


  • Wine cellars
  • Florists
  • Laboratoires
  • Chocolateries
  • Food preparation
  • Mortuary rooms
  • Garbage rooms
  • etc .

Low-temperature groups (Split-system)

To meet different needs, we offer 4 types of indoor units.
You can also choose the condensing unit best suited to the constraints of your installation (with or without external access for the unit).

Good to know

The FABT and FWBT low-temperature groups are groups without an outdoor unit. They are ideal for low-temperature air-conditioning needs in city centers and shopping malls.

FABT centrifugal blowers

2.5 to 5 kW

Un autocollant bleu et blanc qui dit sans unité extérieure.

FWBT water-cooled power packs

2.5 to 5 kW

Un logo comportant les mots « pas d'unité extérieure » avec une feuille, faisant la promotion d'une technologie innovante de système divisé.

FHBT Helicoid Groups

2.5 to 6.5 kW

Low-temperature indoor units (Split-system)

Low-temperature ceiling luminaires CLBT

2.5 to 6.5 kW

Low-temperature ducting GIBT

2.5 to 5 kW

Low-Temperature Wall MIBT

2.5 to 3.5 kW

Low Temperature Consoles CIBT

2.5 to 5 kW