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sans unité extérieure

Water-cooled console monoblocks

CMCE Reversible

Une icône d'une maison avec un soleil et un flocon de neige, mettant en valeur la technologie du système divisé.
Un autocollant bleu et blanc qui dit sans unité extérieure.


from 1.8 to 3.3 kW

Une unité de climatisation à système divisé blanc sur fond blanc.
Une bulle verte qui dit modèles réversibles.

The console is installed inside the building. Calories are evacuated in a water flow (in cooling mode and drawn off in heating mode).

Un autocollant vert avec le mot monobloc, sans unité extérieure.

– Spandrel-mounted.

– The consoles are supplied as standard with a low-pressure switch and reinforced sound insulation.

– They are controlled by an autonomous regulator

Eberlé” type.

– Cooling-only models include a pressostatic water valve as standard.


– Downtown premises.

– Offices.

– Downtown boutiques.

Product benefits

– Without outdoor unit. – Easy to install. – No refrigerant handling – Standard equipment (see box above) – ON/OFF: easy to hold. – Modular air inlet and outlet (except size 07)

Refrigeration connection

The CMCE unit is a pre-loaded monobloc. 

The power ratings shown opposite are total power ratings and apply to indoor air (at the indoor unit inlet) at +27°C / 50% RH (cooling mode). As a reminder, the power available to cool the air (sensible power) is equal to the total power less the power absorbed by the condensation of air humidity (condensates).

No refrigeration connections are required (no refrigerant handling).


Proximity switch

The proximity switch provides mechanical separation of the condensing unit from its power supply. It locks in the open position.

Flowmeter valve

Device equipped with a manual valve for reading and adjusting the water flow.

Technical and sales documentation

CMCE Reversible

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