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sans unité extérieure


water-cooled condensing unit

FW Cooling only R513A

Une maison avec un flocon de neige dessus, dotée d'un système de climatisation split.
Un autocollant bleu et blanc qui dit sans unité extérieure.
Une goutte d'eau avec des feuilles vertes en cercle, sans unité extérieure.


from 2.5 to 17kW

Un chauffe-eau blanc sur fond blanc, sans unité extérieure.
Un cercle vert avec le mot r51a dessus, sans unité extérieure.

The group moves inside the building. Calories are evacuated in a stream of water.

It can be combined with the various LTB air handling units: wall-mounted, cassette, ceiling-mounted console, ducted.

Un panneau vert qui dit détente directe.


from 2 to 7 kW


from 3.3 to 8.8 kW


from 3.3 to 12.3 kW


from 2 to 17.5 kW

Indoor units


– Ideal for city centers and shopping malls

Product benefits

– Without outdoor unit, without front grille

Reduced water consumption (-20% to -40%).

– Quieter.

– Compact and easy to install.

– No need to lean against an exterior wall.

– ON/OFF: easy to hold.

– Pressostatic water valve included as standard

– GWP < 150 with non-flammable A1 gas

Refrigeration connection

– Maximum length: 20 m.

– Maximum gradient: 5 m.

– Units supplied preloaded for 4m connection

The power ratings shown opposite are total power ratings and apply to indoor air (at the indoor unit inlet) at +27°C / 50% RH (cooling mode). As a reminder, the power available to cool the air (sensible power) is equal to the total power less the power absorbed by the condensation of air humidity (condensates).


Illustration d'une maison intelligente avec climatisation split system et sans unité extérieure.

LTB Connect

With LTB Connect, you can remotely control and monitor your system and save energy.

Proximity switch

The proximity switch provides mechanical separation of the condensing unit from its power supply. It locks in the open position.

Water filter

Stainless steel strainer PN16, to be connected to the water inlet of the condensing unit.

Connection hoses

Water inlet and outlet.

Technical and sales documentation

FW Cooling Only R513A

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2 to17.6 kW

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2 to17.6 kW

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