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Le spécialiste de la climatisation
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La Thermodynamique de Bretagne

Air conditioning manufacturer without outdoor unit

The “LTB” brand is known for its air-conditioning systems for city centers and shopping malls.

Our products are designed to meet specific needs and constraints in the following 3 areas:

  • low-power comfort air-conditioning systems without outdoor units to meet air-conditioning (and heating) needs in city centers and shopping malls, where it is impossible to install a unit outside the building.
  • technical air-conditioning systems with higher power ratings for technical rooms in industry or large commercial premises,
  • low-temperature air conditioning systems (down to +8°C) for premises requiring a cool temperature (florist’s storeroom, wine cellar, garbage room, etc.).

“LTB” is the brand name of a human-scale French manufacturer, La Thermodynamique de Bretagne.

It is sold both in France and abroad.

Being on a human scale means we can listen, be flexible and react quickly. Even if our range is very extensive, the specificity of your needs sometimes requires us to adapt a product from our catalog. Making the necessary adaptations is an integral part of our mission

Being a “French manufacturer” is a strength that enables us to better serve our customers. We don’t depend on long transport times, because we stock all the components needed to produce our machines. Even if the machine you’re ordering is not in stock, or if you’d like a machine that differs from its catalog definition, we can respond quickly. The same goes for your spare parts needs.

LTB products can be found at almost every professional distributor of air conditioning equipment:

  • distributors specializing in refrigeration and HVAC,

  • electrical equipment distributors,

  • distributors specializing in heating, sanitaryware and renewable energy.

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Our product catalog is available in pdf format online or by browsing this website.

Table et chaises dans une pièce avec climatisation split system.

About La Thermodynamique de Bretagne

La Thermodynamique de Bretagne (LTB) also operates in two other fields:

  • air conditioning for marine and offshore applications,
  • customized air-conditioning for short-run applications.

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